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East Africa’s enterprises and innovators had a unique opportunity on their doorsteps last week to learn new techniques in web content development at the East African Local Content Innovation Summit held in Nairobi over 7-8 August. The Summit was being hosted by Ignite Consulting and AITEC Africa in response to the urgent need that is to develop local content relevant to local interests and needs, especially with the region about to link to the world via undersea fibre cables that will deliver much faster and cheaper Internet connections. Continue reading ‘3RD WORLD GUILTY OF JUST CONSUMING’


A few weeks back a friend of mine sent me an email about a new business idea she wanted to interest me with. Given that she is Russian, and her English is wanting at best, I had a serious problem getting what she was trying to propose. At first glance it looked like a pyramid scheme, and living in a country where such ventures have led to bloodshed and suicides, I wasn’t particularly interested, but my curiosity got the better of me. So I clicked on the link to the website and stumbled upon what I felt might be the way to go, if only to save our dying nation and world at large. Continue reading ‘PAPERLESS, ARE WE READY?’

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