Thank’s to my busy daily hustle and a late notification i couldn’t attend this wonderful Tandaa event by the ICT board at iHub. As always, the internet has come to my rescue to keep me posted on what went down at the event.

A few interesting points i have gathered, mostly from the Tandaa twitter page include:

  • Kenyans still have alot of Trust issues when it comes to web services usage, especially e-commerce, despite the Kenya ICT amendement act passed in 2009. The ICT board has been challenged to address this issue. I think a ‘Trust the Internet’ campaign would be a good idea. Hope Kukubo will somehow see this.
  • Online advertising in kenya gets less than 1% of advertising spend. We still have a long way to go.
  • Are pple looking for a pretty website? No – they are looking for information. (Though i think looks and usability do matter).
  • Traffic increases when competitors come on stream. Interesting huh? A new business comes up next door and you get more customers! You gotta love the internet. Big up to
  • This should be interesting. Sega Silicon Valley. Yeah, Transforming Ugenya district – 25 km from the Kenya- Uganda border, into a “Silicon Valley” – an African ICT hub. The children are leading the revolution over there, training their parents on how to utilize ICT to better their lives.
  • Kenya has local content, but its not online. We need to digitize the content and build on local success stories. It’s not rocket science really.
  • TNS Digital Kenya Study: 88% of respondants would like to buy products online. 78% reaserch products online before buying. This means potential for you the internet entreprepneur.

Like i always say…coz the internet is the future!


  1. 1 erastus March 9, 2010 at 10:51 am

    I think we need to connect many locations, especially rural so as to get a wider audience to the net advertising.

    Trust is always an issue, but if someone does not eg have a hard time going to the supermarket, or the supermarket is not completely packed and at the same time no hurry to get home, why buy things online? I guess international airlines resorted to the net to ease congestion and delays at the airport, at least in Kenya. Safaricom and m-pesa, almost the same story: with pple struggling to send money to shagz due to lack of banks or long distances to the same. the hustle is also less.

    Point? it should be rational for the online services to pick.

  2. 2 Alex Mwaura Muriu March 29, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Erastus, like any business idea, even e-commerce ventures must exist to fill a need in society. I do agree with you that users need a reason to resort to online transactions as opposed to traditional methods. I hope other webpreneurs are reading this.

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