My 5 minutes with Aly Khan Satchu

He is the author of the highly authoritative book ‘Anyone can be Rich’. He once controlled funds for clients to the tune of $2 billion. He then controlled a bank that had a balance sheet worth over $17 billion. He understands Futures, Options, Repos, Bills and Bonds, Basis trading and all other strange investment vocabularies that I’m still trying to fathom. He manages his own stocks in the NSE, USE and other African Stock markets…

So I’m dragging my lanky self up the stairs at Nakumatt Westgate, not totally excited about spending my treasured off day away from bed at 9 am. I had seen a web ad on for a talk by Erik Hersman about Ushahidi, that Aly Khan had organized under the auspices of his Mind Speak business club. For an intervangelist, that’s the kind of stuff that makes you change your sleep packed Saturday morning schedule without much thought.

I knew that I was going to see Aly Khan on stage introducing Erik, not right there on the corridor, looking so painfully casual in snickers, jeans et al. He sees me amble towards him, offers an inviting smile and I quicken my pace hoping to get a hand shake before I wake up from this rare dream. I do get my handshake, he gets a mouthful about my exploits on websphere and soon the ensuing excitement leads us Makmende.

‘What exactly is Makmende?’ He asks in his deep veteran smoker voice.

I launch into my 3rd person explanation of this Viral phenomenon and the impressive amount of user generated content that this ‘Super-Hero’ has inspired.

He says that he thinks the local web scene is getting very exciting and I tell him I couldn’t agree more.

Oh no…he has to go shoot the video for the intro of his podcast on this event. He politely excuses himself, tells me we should talk some more, I say kul and await my next victim…Erik hersman.

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