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This is the part where i put a disclaimer. I put my skills to action in this stable in exchange for a monthly retainer so my views are bound to be very subjective. Any ‘kiss ass’ comments should thus be excused as efforts at securing a raise.

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

The lady pictured on the side (the only article image in this blog so far) is Prital Patel. She is 37 years old and runs her own graphic design house named Creative Edge Ltd, which she founded in 1995 (do the math – she was only 22 then). Last year , Creative Edge was named one of the Top 100 SMEs in Kenya. This year, Prital has been named one of the Top 40 Women under 40 by the authoritative Business Daily.

What started as a design house (apparently with 1 designer and an MD who knew nothing about design), is now on its way to becoming a fully fledged Branding agency, set to play in the big leagues with the likes of Ogilvy Mathers and Lowe Scanad.

What does Prital consider to be the secret to success? (Your Pens and Papers out please) Continue reading ‘CREATIVE EDGE LTD – A BEACON OF HOPE FOR OTHER SMEs’


You might have heard of inMobi in South Africa or Admob (now owned by Google) in the US. These companies are now market leaders in Mobile Advertising across the globe, and are reaping billions from it.

What is Mobile Advertising? You might ask.

Mobile advertising is closely related to online or internet advertising, though its reach is far greater. Kenya currently enjoys a tremendous penetration rate in mobile phone usage, with a growth rate that surpasses some of the most developed countries in the world such as the United Kingdom. With over 18 million mobile subscribers, advertisers are looking at a rich, engaged audience that is easily accessible via this platform. Continue reading ‘MOBILE ADVERTISING IN KENYA CHANGING GEAR’


They have the financial muscle, they definitely have the brains and they have the balls. Couple these with no sincere sense of Social responsibility and you have a market giant that just won’t stop. I can just picture Rene Meza sitting in some huge conference room, stroking his Latino hair (no beard to stroke like big Mike) and wondering, ‘What the #### just happenned? Coño!!’.

But this is not about Rene Meza. I have been up and about the blogosphere, reading the rants especially from our leading Local webpreneurs including @whiteafrican, @njihia and @salim about how Safaricom has screwed them and many other developers around by adopting Mxit (the social chat application from South Africa) as their preferred platform for this service (check out yesterday’s Nation newspaper for 7 pages worth of advertising information). Continue reading ‘OOPS! SAFARICOM DID IT AGAIN! MXIT STYLE.’


The traditional business sales formula is quite simple and even pleasant to read:

Good Product + Good Advertising = Good Sales.

Years have gone by and this formula has been transformed by ever changing business forces to a myriad other formulas. I really can’t tell what the universal agreed upon working formula now is, thanks to a zillion business books all preaching different ‘guaranteed-to-work’ business practices.

I’m not much of a business genius myself, but I like the formula below more than most:

Good Product + Good branding strategy + Positive product and corporate publicity = Good Sales. Continue reading ‘WHO NEEDS A CORPORATE BLOG?’


I just stumbled upon this nice article by Debré Barrett regarding Website forms and i thought, ‘Boy, if i had a dollar for every time i encounter a long, repetitive, boring, badly done form!’. If you own a job finding website, you probably will escape the wrath of frustrated users since lets face it, if i really want a job i will fill every form i find my way in the faint hope that one of them lands me a job.  If however you own an e-commere website, its a different story. Do your forms badly and you are bound to lose money, a lot of money. Continue reading ‘WEB FORMS: GET THEM RIGHT AND MAKE MORE MONEY’

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