Don’t we all hate to be left out? Even more than that, don’t we all like to be among the select few? I know I do.

Mzoori’s publicity stunt can only be described as genius! I fist heard about Mzoori towards the end of last year. A visit to their website took me to an under construction page that was like no other under construction page (See my post on effective Under Construction pages). With no website to show, they already had a facebook page and a twitter profile. A visit to their facebook profile and I still didn’t know what these guys were upto.

The timeless ‘Coming soon’ stunt that keeps us streaming into Movie theatres was working for them like no other. I chose to like their page. Not because I liked anything they were doing particularly, but if this thing was as big as they claimed (Heck they already had 10,000 fans on their page!) then this had to be something worth liking. See how they got me there?

Today I visit their website again and what do I find? The Coming soon sign is gone. In its place is a big lettered sign that says ‘Connecting you with people & businesses in a way that delivers real time value and fun’. As if that’s not enough, they say it’s a 10,000 invites only website. The only way through is to log in. The only way to gain login credentials is to visit their facebook page, twiter page or put in my email in this subscription form. See what they are doing there?

For all I know (and woe unto them) these guys have a pathetic product. So far we have been treated to 90% useless stuff locally so forgive my pessimism. But guess what, I subscribed!

My Verdict? It Worked. 8241 invites to go.

I’ll be lurking.


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