Don’t you just love these ‘How to’ articles? When someone else breaks it down for you in simple steps just like they did in pre-school. Welcome to the world of Linked in. Please take time to read my article on Personal Branding so as to better appreciate the need for an active Linked in Page.

Now to the 10 simple tips.

  1. Make your profile client focused
    You need to design your profile to have the impact you want on your connections. Treat it like your introduction at a networking meeting.
  2. Get connecting
    The more direct connections you have, the more opportunities you have to connect. The Linkedin toolbar for Outlook provides an easy way of inviting your Outlook contacts and people you email regularly to connect with you.
  3. Choose your connection strategy carefully
    “Open Network” strategy. Open Networkers focus on growing the size of their network by initiating and accepting connection requests from as many people as possible.

    “Trusted Partner” strategy. Here you only connect to people you already know and trust. Most likely from face-to-face interaction, but possibly from online interaction too.

  4. Use Search to find potential clients and business partners
    You can search for exactly who you want to be referred to – by company, by geography, by name, by job title, etc. And you can search across your entire network at once. Or you can look at the contact list of an individual to see if there’s anyone you’d like to be connected to.

  5. Give testimonials to get them
    Testimonials are very helpful to have on your profile. They’re a clear indication of the quality of your work and the relationships you form.
  6. Have a helpful headline
    A headline such as “Helping Professional Services Firms Attract More Clients and Win More New Business” is much more useful in telling people what you actually do than using an “offical” job title like Managing Director.
  7. Join Linkedin Groups to connect and interact
    You should be joining groups both of interest to you professionally, and the groups where your potential clients “hang out”.
  8. Use Status Updates to subtly remind your contacts of what you do
    Linkedin status updates are a nice way of helping to stay top of mind with contacts.
  9. Watch others’ status updates to initiate contact
    Keep an eye on status updates from others – it can be a good opportunity to get back in touch – especially if they’ve changed jobs or have set out on a new venture.
  10. Proactively link others together who you think may benefit
    Don’t wait for others to initiate a request to be linked up to your other contacts. Review your contact list regularly looking for ways to add value to them.


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