Introducing Monday Moments – Zuckerberg goes Philanthropic and more…

A Big Monday Hello to my audience of around Fifty great minds!! I’m hoping my Monday moments will help you get started on a great week ahead.

“What’s Monday Moments?” You ask. Well, every Monday, I hope to highlight and give a commentary on the 7 top moments that captured my attention in the past 7 days. Sounds like fun? Of course it does to you; i’m the one doing the dirty work here 🙂

  1. Zuckerberg, his movie and his $100M project
    If I wasn’t younger than this guy i’d probably be habouring a lot of envy for him. Being only 26 and having the whole world speaking about you and shooting movies about you is something of a fantasy for many geeks. He is living it. And now he has started giving out his money. You know a guy is doing well when he starts having pet projects on the side and suddenly giving them more priority than his original work.
  2. Starbucks and the Digital Network
    Now this was a moment to cherish. I swear I shed a little tear of joy when i read about this. I will tell you this now and probably 100 times again if you keep reading this blog. Social Network is to the World wide web what the internet was to computing, and what the Mobile phone was to Telephony. See you in Five years. You can quote me on this.
  3. Murags, Kenya’s latest millionaire
    I’m sure you read about this. Yep, he got a $1M cheque, just like that. Well, not just like that. First he started this company, then came up with this innovative idea, then Nokia gave him the cheque. I want one of those. In fact, I have taken the first step towards getting one of my own. Watch this space.
  4. J.K.U.A.T Endeavor open day
    Thanks to one @andrewkinai, I got an invite to give a talk on Social Media and Web 2.0 to aspiring Techies at this great University. It was an honour, and a pleasure. What I saw there was in immense potential for future Zuckerbergs in this country. I’m watching that space very closely. Thanks to @crea8ivedge for agreeing to sponsor the event.
  5. Multi-lingual SEO
    You know how you go to a client to propose a solution, then they ask you about this interesting thing they saw that you should be aware of if you know what you are doing? Then you go into an uhm moment, and promise to get back to them on the same? The internet maybe global, but languages are not. Check this out.
  6. Admob Admob, I didn’t know!!
    I attended the GKenya event. I had the privilege of listening to @brett_stclair give a talk on the potential of mobile advertising in Africa. Apps might be slow on the uptake for Africa but WAP sites are already a big thing. Heck! Admob considers Africa to be it’s most potent market. This where my #africamatters list on twitter comes in. The world can’t ignore us anymore!!
  7. Behavioral Analytics – Think beyond the Open Graph!
    One @nonieMG brought this to my attention last week and I have been trying to wrap my head around it. Uncover patterns of behavior in interaction data, uncover clusters of people that demonstrate a propensity to go through similar sequences of actions, such as clicks on web pages, online or offline purchases, responses to marketing offers, etc and use this to your advantage. How about grabbing a copy of Behavioral Analytics for Dummies?

See you next week!

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