Monday Moments – Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Christmas is coming early for most people this Year! Zain and Safaricom are at it again, like big boys! While they do that, their dealers are crying foul for being the victims in this tag of war. All I know is, I can now call, and call, and call…and then check my balance just to be sure it’s not a hoax. I have had an interesting week at work, really interesting. Just read on…

  1. I’m not Saying it’s not Big, i’m Saying it’s not Big Enough Yet
    My colleagues and I have been running this series of workshops for our clients to enlighten them on Internet Marketing, and how their businesses can benefit from it. I know,  I know, we are giving out agency industry secrets to the clients, but in the end, it works to our advantage. An enlightened client is more willing to pay for work done and accept impossibilities. True story.

    Anyway, so during our last workshop, after we had droned on for 1 hour about marketing on the internet, one attendant (working for a very blue chip company), who had been silent for the whole session while the other participants asked question after question, offers a comment and says she thinks the internet is overrated, Social Media is a Fad and seriouly, out of the 6 Million or so people who we claim have internet access, how many are able to see whatever advert they post online? Then the punch line. “No, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying the internet is useless, just that it needs like five more years or so before it’s worth investing in”. I Love my Job!

  2. Anyone for an Online Marketing Manager Position?
    As reported by one @marvintumbo, Sandstorm Kenya is looking to hire someone for this position. I’ll admit this, i’m not applying for this position. Mostly because I think it’s too early to focus all my energy on marketing just one brand. But this was a moment to treasure for me. Around 6 months ago I prophesied to one @nonieMG that this will become a coveted position in two years time. If anyone will be looking for such a someone in 2012, please look for me.
  3. It’s not Always Mzoori!
    I’m sure you are familiar with I wrote about these three guys a while back.  Say what you may, I still believe they have had the most impressive online marketing campaign in Kenyan Tech SME History. Mzoori isn’t a product that was thought up in a weekend, implemented in a month, put online on some cheap hosting and then ran to Facebook to tell the world they were also doing it! First off it was a strategic merger between two companies (Tipsonline and Onlineduka). They put together funds from savings and loans, spent it all and they still weren’t going anywhere. Then this 1M order came in, and gave them a boost. From the very beginning, Mzoori has had an eye for regional presence, not just Kenyan. Their most lucrative market currently is in Rwanda. It was nice to read about them again last week. Aluta Continua!
  4. A moment with Branson
    Richard Branson has taught me many lessons, but this was one of my best so far. If you are going to build something, big or small, build something that everyone who works for you will be really proud to be associated with. You can read the rest of this article here.
  5. Microsoft, you Bitch!
    This is what Eric Schmidt probably said on hearing the news. Simply put, Google is having problems in China, right? OK, now one Steve Ballmer decides to use this as a chance to suck up to China and cement Microsoft’s presence, especially with the Bing search engine and Internet Explorer. Despite the fact that IE was partially responsible for the attacks on Google, they still went ahead to act the good boy and stay out of trouble with the Chinese Government. By the way, have you heard that Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable Tech company?
  6. 4th Cable Lands in Kenya
    Yep, we started it, and we ain’t stopping til my Grandmother has internet in her Kitchen. The LION is about to land. France Telecom is bringing in another cable before end year. All i can say is, keep em coming! How they come up with such catchy acronyms like EASSy and LION just tickles me. But then again, i’m a geek.
  7. Who wants to be a Millionnaire?
    It still baffles me how much money these telecoms are splashing around. I know I won’t win a cent, that kind of luck doesn’t run in my family. Do you realize they are actually the ones benefiting from this? Tax exemptions and more income from the millions of people who will keep spending hoping to win a Milli! Since I won’t be one of them, i’m back to implementing my ingenious tech idea. Seriously, watch this space.

Ok, Back to work.

3 Responses to “Monday Moments – Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

  1. 1 Joel October 17, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Thank you Intervangelist for the blogs.
    We will keep up the good work and make sure everything we do is mzoori.

    Join in and see our services here >


    Joel Amenya
    mzoori Brand Manager

  2. 2 Intervangelist EA October 18, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Hi Joel,
    I admire what you are doing and it was just natural that i blog about it. Keep at it and you guys will be among the 10 millionaires that one Idd Salim prophesied about earlier this year. I’m already signed up.
    All the best.

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