Monday Moments Ep 3 – We are Robots!

In the past few weeks, I have been introduced to such terminologies as Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Context Computing and a bunch of other words that leave you thirsty for an unholy drink. As if that’s not bad enough, I had to help explain these words to people who are still trying to understand what SEO is. Fun Huh? Not a bit. But it was an interesting experience.

If you are wondering what those are, please google it. I have Monday Moments to recap.

  1. We are Robots!
    Oh Yes we are. At this point, I kindly ask you to unplug the office phone, switch off your cell phone and pretend to be a geek for 5 minutes (Or 20 minutes if you are on one of those ADSL connections). Good. Now, ensure you have a digicam attached to your computer. Trust me, it’s worth the hustle. So go get the Cam if you don’t have one. Got it? Good. Now go to this link, and be the Hero you always wanted to be!!
  2. SEO is Dead!
    I went to do a presentation to a potential client a few days back and his ‘IT guy’ asks me, ‘Please tell us about your approach to SEO’. My response to him was simple, ‘We don’t do SEO, We build great websites!’. All the Search engines agree with me. So why don’t you? Please go read this post if you haven’t done so already. It will save you a lot of embarrassment.
  3. Inmobi was in Town
    One Ankit Rawal, the head of Advertising in Africa for inmobi was in Town. I didn’t get to attend his presentation at the iHub but I had the pleasure of having a One on One with him when he visited Creative Edge. Charming guy! Two points I got from him which made it to Monday Moments. One, Africa has bigger potential for mobile advertising than all other markets globally. He had numbers to support this; a Click Through Rate of 1.5% on mobile ads. If you don’t understand the Jargon, let me simplify it for you. That’s almost double the globally accepted good percentage for web ads. In other words, you have twice the number of people clicking on mobile ads than those who click on these same ads on the desktop internet. Second, Inmobi sees Kenya as the gateway to East Africa, and to quote him, “I am going back to South Africa to tell them we need an office in Kenya!”.
  4. My Elevator Speech
    I had always heard about the Elevator Speech. Entrepreneur after Entrepreneur had warned me about this on repeated occasions. I never thought it would happen to me, not this soon. So when I opened my big mouth to tell a very reputable person in my industry that I had a genius idea, and he told me, ‘2 Minutes. Wow Me!’, I realized it. It’s not a myth. It can happen to you. Anytime. Be Ready. Check out these do’s and don’ts of elevator speeches.
  5. I repeat, SEO is Dead!
    I promise you, the next ‘IT Guy’ who asks me to tell them about my SEO tactics is getting a punch in the Face! Ok, maybe not, but I won’t be amused. In fact, i’m off to Twitter to start at an #seoisdead trending topic. Please Join me, will you? And please check out this other great article by one @techweez titled ‘What Cocacola can Teach you about your Website‘.
  6. Safaricom Gives it another Shot
    I like Safaricom! Hold on, before you Safaricom haters take your guns out let me explain. Safaricom is the only company in Kenya that has sufficient balls to try out something new, be it a product or a technology, and bear the repercussions like a big boy. They will have successes like M-PESA and hopeless failures like Mxit, but they never shy away from new frontiers. They have done the same thing with Social Media, and had successes like the Safaricom Live campaign and hopeless failures like their official Facebook page. But hey, they don’t stop. Last week they launched the KenyaLive campaign. All i can say is, Go Safaricom, Go!
  7. Kenyans on Twitter
    This was by no means my least interesting find last week. I made another prophecy a while back (damn, I need to start documenting these prophecies) that content aggregation will become the next big thing in Africa. I think this website was a genius idea, and this list of who is who on Twitter was a great find, though they left out one of my Twitter heroes @kachwanya. But hey, i’m sure they had their reasons.

Til next week. Adios!

PS/ We don’t like to brag about it but Creative Edge was voted one of the Top 100 Mid sized companies in Kenya this year, AGAIN! Just thought i’d mention it.

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