Monday Moments Ep 4 – What next after Social Networks?

Interesting doesn’t begin to express the week I had. From having to come up with a dazzling digital marketing proposal for a billion shilling company, to having to finish off a trendy website within hours, to realizing that there could finally be a business title for the things I do (my business card still reads internet consultant for lack of a better title), it was a week to cherish.

So what caught my attention this past week?

  1. What Next after Social Networks?
    I have been asked this question several times, and my answer always was, “You just wait and See”. With time this answer wasn’t good enough so I went out looking for a better answer. Social Networks are not an end, but a means. Their role goes only as far as building the networks of people and businesses interested in you, your business or product is concerned. What you do after that is solely up to you and your marketing team’s genius. The trending topic right now on ‘What Next?’ is the Augmented Reality craze. Two great campaigns have already been rolled out and the success is phenomenal.
    i) The Autobot Experience – There is the link I gave you last week of how Transformers 2 the movie was being marketed online through this cool AutoBot experience before it’s international release. This was a great viral strategy that could ride on Social Networks to spread and popularize the movie. Sadly, they have been criticized for not utilizing the power of Social Media more in this campaign.
    ii) The new Fabia RS – When this car was launched, Skoda released an augmented reality test drive campaign to go with it. Users become the driver in every way, right down to the helmet view that pulls in your face from the webcam. How does Social Media come in? Users are enjoying the challenge and posting their fastest laps on Facebook et al and challenging their friends to beat it. I just wish they had a reward attached to the challenge. 

    This is just one way of answering the question of What Next? More to come.

  2. My New Title
    From now on, my personal business card will read ‘Marketing Technologist’.  In other words, a professional who uses technology to implement marketing strategies for businesses and individuals. This was decided for me by one of my e-marketing heroes, Mr Mitch Joel of Twist Image. His case for this is simple. It is now imperative for companies to have someone who brings IT, Technology and Marketing elements together with the added beauty of accountability based on metrics, analytics and measurable results. This really puts a smile on my face 🙂
  3. Big brother is watching!
    For companies, especially the behemoths, having as much information as possible about their current and potential customers is becoming more of a core strategy than a nice to have. We are all so busy posting personal information on websites, social networks and forums, and the companies want this information, so they have gone digging, legally and illegally. This is so lucrative that a new business has sprung up on the web, called web scrapping. How big? In 2009, companies spent an estimated $410 million on web scrapping. This amount is expected to double by 2012. Check out details in this wall street journal article.
  4. The cloud, the new Tech Holy Grail
    Yes yes, Google thought about it first. And now every other Tech company wants a piece of the pie. HP joined the fray last week, a league that already has Yahoo, Salesforce, Amazon, 37 signals, Microsoft, WordPress , Wikipedia,  Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. That’s not the fun part though. There is a new phenomenon called Cloud Branding that is of great interest to us Marketing Technologists (i’m already at home with that title ;-)). Simply put, tech companies are seeking to create and own the consumer computing experience, thereby building loyalty by being woven through all aspects of the consumer’s digital life, from your computer at home, to your cell phone, to your Facebook account all the way to your car radio. HP is calling theirs the ‘ecosystem’. I’m sweating with excitement as i write about this!
  5. The most Liked Light Beer in America
    I’m not a huge fan of blogging about American success stories but sometimes it’s hard not to. It takes a lot of creativity and balls and as always, a friendly budget to execute a successful digital campaign. I’m done talking, just visit this Facebook page. The day I get a client who is willing to take things this far, I will praise God’s holy name from the rooftops!
  6. Google takes online advertising a notch higher
    I’m not sure why this didn’t come sooner, but yes, now you can have your Video ads running across the web. If well integrated with social media and location based services, i think online display ads might soon be rivaling offline display ads in reach. But then again, i’m biased in saying this.
  7. The hottest Brand on the Kenyan Social Network scene
    I’m not kidding. I will soon be able to give you actual figures of how much mention the Fluid Tees brand has had in the past month online. With the launch of the new design dubbed ‘My People’ just last saturday, Fluid Tees is revolutionizing the T-shirt branding industry in Kenya, through designs that have deep rooted meanings behind them. And the Fans are appreciating it. If you Love T-shirts, Truly Kenyan T-shirts for that matter, pay a visit to this website and place an online order.
  8. Let’s all go Green People!
    I had to have an 8th Moment this Monday. One of the very first articles i wrote on this blog was about going green through paperless offices. So when I read about Computer Aid and it’s Solar powered internet cafes, I almost welled up. So I urge all of you, in your own little way, Let’s all go Green!

Boy, that was really emotional. I’m off to grab some tissues.

4 Responses to “Monday Moments Ep 4 – What next after Social Networks?”

  1. 1 Mwirigi October 18, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Video ads! Cool stuff!!!

    How can you talk social media advertising in 2010 without mentioning Old Spice!! Hebu tafuta “old spice guy” on YouTube!! 🙂

    Great Article!!

    • 2 Intervangelist EA October 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      Yeah, the Video ads will be a big deal my friend. As for old spice, I microblogged (on twitter) about it lots when it was hot news. It incorporated the ‘traditional’ use of viral videos on social media which is a great thing no doubt, but not as futuristic as Augmented Reality. This article covers the ‘What Next?’ question. 🙂
      Just checked out, good stuff man!

  2. 3 Top Online Games October 19, 2010 at 11:49 am

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