Monday Moments Ep 5 – The rise of the Creatives

I would probably have to be drunk to tell you more about this, but over the course of my Short life, I have tried my hand at various creative exploits including poetry (at a very tender age), singing (to the chagrin of all my listeners), dancing (despite my lanky frame), acting (oh, the memories) and a few other embarrassing ones. I never quite made it in any of these avenues, but I have been fortunate enough to meet many amazing Creatives, my latest encounter being with one Wamathai.

You see, I gave up my dream of being artistic when I realized that I would soon have to relocate to a shack somewhere in the sprawling slums of Nairobi if I kept on along that path. The pay just wasn’t good. So I moved into IT. Somehow, years later, my career path has led me back into crossing that of Creatives. You can imagine my joy.

Why am I rambling about Creatives?

I’ll tell you why in my Monday Moments below.

  1. Crazy Crazy Nairobians
    Chances are very high that you are a fan of the Crazy Nairobian Facebook page or you follow him on Twitter. At 65,000 Fans, this is one of the most popular Facebook pages in Kenya, for no other reason other than its simply hilarious! The most recent article on the Crazy Nairobian Blog is titled ‘Beautiful Women Fart Too!’. As useless as that article may be, there have been 2000 reads on it so far. Mr. Churchill commands a collective following of around 200,000 Fans on his Facebook pages, arguably the most popular Kenyan brand on Facebook. Hey, remember just few months back, when a group of Creatives dug deep into Kenyan social history and created a song out of a popular yester-year Movie scene, before going ahead to create a video from it, which to their surprise, went so viral that it won the acclaim of international media houses? I’m not proud to say this, but it is this kind of exposure that Internet Marketers such as me so earnestly seek to garner for our corporate clients. The Creatives have won this fight so far, some without even trying so hard!
  2. The biggest Social Gaming Network?
    I will admit this. I do not play computer games, except maybe when my kid brother challenges me to a duel. I always lose miserably though. Anyway, last week while researching for my previous article, I came across The new intern in my office was eager to walk me through the intricacies of Cafe World, a game she claims to play ‘like all the time’. This game my friends has around 21 Million monthly users on Facebook, which is quite impressive considering how pointless the game is. As you would imagine, the Marketing Technologist in me is hard at work with this information. I’m curious if any local techies have thought of exploring this craze.
  3. Jay-z is in the Bing building!
    This was indeed a week dominated by Creatives. Apparently Jay-Z has written a book titled ‘Decoded’. To promote his new book, this legend teamed up with Bing (the Microsoft owned search engine) to create an online interactive game that gives you sneak peeks of some of the book’s pages before its release on November 16th. Now, take a moment to understand this. Microsoft is hard at work trying to promote Bing in the face of competition from the likes of Yahoo and Google. Using the interest generated by this book, Bing as brought all hands on deck to apply Bing technology such as Bing Maps (to locate notable places in Jay-Z’s life) and Bing Entertainment (for photos and videos) to provide users an interactive exploration of the Rapper’s life. Oh yeah, and you get a chance to win tickets to watch Jay-Z and Coldplay in action this Christmas. Take home point – Corporate teams up with Creative in unique win win publicity arrangement. Lege…wait for it…ndary!
  4. Nollywood oh, you de drive Mobile business now?
    I’m not done with Creatives yet. Just up the road in Naija land, Nollywood (the third most lucrative Film industry worldwide by the way, reputed to have generated Kshs 250B so far)  is being explored as the most potent driver of mobile Value Added Services, and it has turned out to be more popular than even M-Banking, especially after the landing of 3G technology. Mobile friendly versions of these films are being availed on mobile platforms for the 10 million or so mobile internet users.  Mobile providers (let by Etisalat) are rushing to compete beyond Voice through this avenue, a situation that Kenyan Telcos are already in.
  5. Yippee! MJ is Gone!
    I am quite sure there is a good number of people who are quite elated by MJ’s retirement. I’m not one of them. I mean, this man came in and re-defined kick-ass competition, a concept that had been long lost in this part of the world. He kept competitors on their toes, led almost 99% of the time, and grew a late entrant (yes yes, Kencell was already in the market) into a behemoth that many loved to hate. He might not have done much with local Techies, but I know he did quite a bit with local Creatives (I remember watching Churchill’s clips on Safaricom Live). Being a day dedicated to Creatives, I salute him for that. Bankelele has a great sum up of his reflections at iHub last week.
  6. Creatives and Transmedia Storytelling
    If you are in advertising you probably know what Transmedia Storytelling is. Picture this. Cocacola comes up with the award winning Open Happiness campaign. In 2008, they released this incredible video called the Happiness Factory depicting the fantastic world and creatures that exist inside each Coca-Cola vending machine. It served as their TV ad for a while, and has since gone viral on the internet (almost 4 million views so far). They went ahead and created an interactive website for this campaign, as well as recording a track with the same title in collaboration with several artists. With the number of Creatives we have locally, I am eager to see this phenomenon applied by one of our brands.
  7. Amina’s Challenge
    Amina isn’t your typical business woman. She is tough, she is ambitious and she is willing to go all the way to make her dream come true. And lucky her, she has a whole team of really talented professionals to aid her in her quest. Keep visiting. You will be seeing a lot more of Amina.

Off to start a new week. There is still so many moments to enjoy and this week looks promising. Be a little more creative this week!

15 Responses to “Monday Moments Ep 5 – The rise of the Creatives”

  1. 1 Muthoni Maingi October 25, 2010 at 8:54 am

    🙂 good one… For min tho thought you were celebrating Michael Jackson’s death with ‘Yippee MJ is gone’

  2. 3 kempes October 25, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Cool stuff!!

  3. 5 eGichomo October 25, 2010 at 9:18 am

    I like! Keep the posts coming..

  4. 7 Bernard Muhia October 25, 2010 at 9:48 am

    The online world is tipped in favour of the creatives because its a space that thrives on content for example poets, right now these guys have a chance to win Kshs 1,000

  5. 9 Eric Mwiti October 25, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Personally I think Intervangelist is a creative too.Believe you me “the monday moments” is on my book mark page.Keep em creative juices flowing.

    Cant wait to meet Amina.

  6. 11 kenyan technoprenuer October 26, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    hey i can’t help but it but i seem to relate to this monday moment in every bit and piece,…”You see, I gave up my dream of being artistic when I realized that I would soon have to relocate to a shack somewhere in the sprawling slums of Nairobi if I kept on along that path. The pay just wasn’t good. So I moved into IT. ….”LMAO.

  7. 13 kenyan technoprenuer October 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    hey it seems mj wants another jobo besides sitting on the safaricom board for the next two years.

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