Monday Moments Ep 7 – Of Viral Strategies and Legs…

I have almost recovered from the Girls Rule moments last week. The fact that over half the Creatives I met last week were ladies did not help matters at all. So Finally I have had to accept what the Fluid Tees sheriff  says on his blog, “WOMEN are stronger and must be respected no matter what!!”. No more need be said.

Now, my dear Friends. Does your Viral strategy have legs? And what do you do when your first month in office comes with major network failures and a sleeping customer service department? Oh, and have you figured out where that Venture Capital is coming from? You might also be wondering, what’s new at Intervangelist EA.

Welcome to Monday Moments Episode 7 🙂

  1. Of Viral Strategies and Legs
    What does it take for a marketing stunt to go viral? What is it about that strategy that will get everyone talking about you and sharing your content? Enter LEGS, courtesy of one @ahmedsalims.
    Your Strategy needs to make people Laugh. Look for that humorous punch that makes me go, “Ha ha ha! That’s just hilarious!!” It also needs to get people Edgy. Words that go with this include Jumpy, Anxious, Jittery and even Tense! If you don’t spark that fire in your audience, there’s no way you are going viral. It has to be Gripping! I’m talking about the kind of stuff that leaves people talking long after your campaign is over. This Heineken campaign might give you an idea of what i’m talking about when I say Gripping. Last but definitely not least, it has to be Sexual! Hey hey, not necessarily what you are thinking (though often than not it helps to have that). Think Makmende, the guy that all men wanted to be or old spice, the guy that all ladies wish they had. It always helps to get that sizzle going in your audience. There you go, LEGS!
  2. Welcome Bob!
    What the #$#@ is happening to my phone? This was all I was thinking until twitter came to my rescue with an update about Safaricom being down. ‘Phewx, it’s not my Phone’ I thought. But why the hell wasn’t @SafaricomLTD saying anything about this? Mr. Bob confirmed my worries when I heard him on Radio the next day saying how disappointed he was with his communications team for their failure to keep people informed. In his own words, “You can’t hide these things. You need to let people know if there is a problem”. Go Collymore!!
  3. Love or Hate Google!
    During IPO48 a couple of weeks ago, one entrepreneur (can’t find his profile at HumanIPO) faulted global search engines for not being able to serve really local content – he cited the example of trying to find out the name of the chief of some location in Busia – to local users. Fair enough, I thought. But just last week, Google Baraza comes into town. Users are now able to post comments that the community can answer, and over time those answers start to show up in Google searches, dramatically increasing the amount of relevant content available. So I guess soon I will be able to find out who the Chief of the said location is!! Is my entrepreneur friend’s business idea at risk?
  4. Did you know about Google SMS Search?
    I highly doubt this will hit off (it has been almost two years since it landed in East Africa) but I still think it’s quite cool. Looking for a nice Pizza place in Westlands, Nairobi? Send the words ‘Nice Pizza restaurant westlands Nairobi’ to 4664 from your phone. Google will send you back some really relevant search results – Pizza garden shows up for instance.
  5. Lessons from a Venture Capitalist
    Given moments 3 and 4 above, I am more concerned than ever about the need for more Venture Capital in this region. Because of Why? Because I already heard about those two ideas long before Google came into the picture!! What I am seeing is lots of lost opportunities for local entrepreneurs when these behemoths come in and use their Gold coffers to implement ideas that we have been sleeping on for years. So please keep them IPO48’s, them iHubs and the likes coming!!
  6. Another one from Nokia.
    Here is what I like about Nokia, and I think every mobile developer needs to keep this in mind; Nokia is so eager to grow it’s Ovi Store in Africa that they play cheer leader to anyone who comes up with an interesting app for their store. Ovi Store has more users in developing nations than elsewhere in the world and Africa is playing host to some of the most popular Apps on this store. The new kid in town must be the Ovi Life Tools App which launched in Nigeria a couple of weeks back. According to Nokia, this App provides users with health, agriculture, education and entertainment information and is designed to help improve users’ quality of life and prosperity. When will it land in East Africa? I wonder.
  7. Say Hello to the ‘Double S’ Series
    I hate movies!! For the simple reason that the fun is over before you know it. On the contrary, I love series, because of the continuity, the genius that goes into keeping the excitement going, plus it gives me time to connect with the actors while looking forward to the next episode. Where I’m I going with this? Oh yes, I am starting a new series on Intervangelist EA. It will be called the “Double S” Series, where the two S’s stand for Stupidly Simple! Don’t you just love it when someone explains it to you like you are a two year old? No tech jargon, no big vocabularies…just simple and straight to the point.

Off to finish off Amina’s Challenge…and the revamped Intervangelist EA Blog (hint).

7 Responses to “Monday Moments Ep 7 – Of Viral Strategies and Legs…”

  1. 1 mmnjug November 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    As for the Venture Capitalists, since we are still having people who’s mindset is about manufacturing and not knowledge economy, the IT gets starved of such important funding. Even the banks simply can’t understand how it works….. so, for now, Google and Nokia will lead the way since they know that funding ideas is the always the all-time growth frontier. Our old monied people can’t hack it on Venture Capitalism. They simply can’t.

    Am looking forward to the Double-S. I have never found some IT geek who speaks in simple understandable language save for a Lawyer friend of mine who is IT good,but even there, I have to keep on reminding him I WANT IT IN SIMPLE-PLAIN LANGUAGE. With that, you will have done something good.

    I rest.

  2. 2 Mackel9 November 8, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    I totally agree with you entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. I hope to see more VCs in Kenya soon! Let me try that viral marketing formula and see where my LEGS lead me to! Great piece.

  3. 3 kempes November 9, 2010 at 5:22 am

    Nice article mr. intervangelist! Looking forward to the series

  4. 4 steve moha November 9, 2010 at 5:30 am

    I love this. Eagerly awaiting for the “Double S” one and the revamped blog. I am also working on one for my site…..Might need your help sir especially the design part.

  5. 5 Spartan Cat November 9, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Love it and its on point!

  6. 6 Mbũrũ Kamau November 15, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Have read this, again and again, and I’ve liked the flow of ideas.

    Very straight to the point.

    Keep it up

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