Double S Ep2 – 6 basic things you should have on your Website

Half the people who visit this blog are techies so this might be too obvious a post for them. I have been in the business of website development for half a decade now and I assure you, even the best of website developers make the same silly mistakes sometimes. If you own a business and are looking to have your website developed, don’t be fooled. Even the most Stupidly Simple of websites need to have the following 6 elements, in no particular order:

  1. Page Titles
    Does your corporate profile boast an endless flow of text that have no section titles? When I say page titles, I mean each Page on your website should have a unique title that best describes what that page contains. Thus if you sell Organic Tomatoes for instance and you have a products page on your website, a title such as ‘XYZ Co. Ltd – Organic Tomatoes from Central Kenya’ would serve you well both with Search Engines and your website visitors.
  2. Copyright Notice (or Privacy Policy if you will)
    I had a case once where a few days after helping a client create content for their website and a mini blog, I stumbled upon a competitor’s website that was literally a replica of my client’s website, save for a change in the company name. Thankfully my client’s wife was a lawyer (and we had a Copyright notice on the website). This is not bed time stories. The web is plagued by all manner of Copyright infringement and if you don’t protect your online presence you could easily be furnishing other people with content for their websites.
  3. Captcha
    Oh yes, that irritating image with jumbled up text and a text box nearby into which you have to enter those letters before you proceed. Captcha was an innovative solution that has helped curb spamming to an impressive extent. If you are going to have forms on your website, be they feedback or order forms, then do yourself a favor and have captcha attached to them. Don’t worry, your web developer knows how to add it.
  4. Analytics
    Why would you have a website developed and pay whatever few thousands for it without caring whether anyone will ever visit it? Tools such as Google analytics give you weekly or monthly reports of the traffic on your website with details of traffic sources, places people visited from etc. enabling you to know if it is adding any value to your business at all. I had a case once where a client kept getting inquiries from China, yet his business had nothing to do with China. Turns out his website’s address was quite similar to one being used by a Chinese company and 80% of his visitors were from China!
  5. Site Map
    This one is important! Even if your website is 5 pages big, have a site map generated for it for the simple reason that Search Engines love Site Maps! If your website is larger, then this is also important for your website visitors if they want to find their way around your website. Insist on one!
  6. Google Maps
    We live in a mapping world now thanks to Google! I have a client who gets more hits on on a her company’s Google maps page than on her website. But that’s not the only reason. It’s a handy tool that also enables your website visitors to find directions to your business premises.

Was this helpful? Feedback will be appreciated.

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