Monday Moments Ep 11 – The Best 7 of 2010!!

One of my favorite verses from the Christian Bible is one that says, “Be faithful in little things and you will be accorded Bigger things” or something along those lines. I believe in celebrating little success, no matter how small. If you have visited this blog more than 3 times, then this post is dedicated to you. I intend to go on the down low beginning today, as I prepare for what promises to be a great year for Intervangelist EA in 2011. Lots of ideas, too little time to execute them, but one step at a time and we will get there.

So ladies and gentlemen, here are my best Moments of 2010!!

  1. February 2010
    That’s when I started taking this blog seriously, and I have no regrets at all. It’s also the month I started taking Twitter seriously upon realizing it’s potential, and so far, it has been an experience and a half. Remember this post? Twitter is so Stupidly Simple that even Professors find it hard to understand. Oh the ironies of life! This was also the month I started understanding the concept of “Build First, money Later“, a strategy that has been used by such people as Paul English of to great success. I wrote a note to Kenyan Entrepreneurs that month and another one later about Ushahidi, a great local story on Build First, Money Later. That was a good month.
  2. The age of the Mobile
    If there is one aspect of Technology that hit me hard this year, it has to be Mobile technology. You have to give it up to Nokia for all they are doing to enhance mobile usage in Africa, the accusations about them stealing local innovations not withstanding. We should have more corporates coming up with Research centers such as this one, and it was a breath of fresh air to hear about Safaricom’s Innovation Board. Not forgetting the entry of Mobile advertising into the local market heralded by the likes of inMobi. This will be an interesting area to watch in 2011 for sure. Mobile content is now more than just SMS and many local innovators are proving this right by the day. Watch this space.
  3. Digital Experiences
    I have covered so many examples of Global companies using different aspects of digital technology to enhance their market presence, from Starbuck’s Digital Network, to Coke’s Open happiness Campaign, to Transformer the Movie’s Autobot Experience. Digital Technology has been very well embraced in the advanced markets where owning a smart phone and being on Social Networks is almost a basic need. Whether the excitement in those markets will rub off on this side of the world remains to be seen. My take home here is just one; Marketing Technologists in Africa will have to learn to Africanize Digital Marketing, if it is to become a big hit.
  4. The Personal Brand
    I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many amazing people this year. From Aly Khan Satchu to Sunny Bindra to Derek Bbanga to Paul English to Chris Bitti to Eng. Hon James G. Rege, MP just to mention a few. If there is one thing these people have in common, it’s a very well established personal brand. These people combine professional excellence and personality in such a way that you just have to admire them! It’s no wonder they are who they are. It is people like them who inspired this article and formed a great part of my Monday Moments.
  5. Safaricom
    If there is one word that has occurred most in this Blog, this has to be it. Safaricom has been featured so much in the local Blogosphere, both in positive and negative light. It has literally left the other Mobile providers paling in the distance. If the saying, “There is nothing like bad publicity” holds any water, then Safaricom is easily the most successful online corporate brand in Kenya.  Michael Joseph kept all of us entertained this year and for that, I tip my virtual hat to him.
  6. Going East African
    Oh, 1st of July 2010 was a great time for all of us. That’s the day I officially became an East African, thanks to the signing of the East African Common Market Protocol. It’s truly a great time for business in East Africa to blossom, not to mention that with 6.5 Million internet users in EA, the coast is clear for Digital Technology to hit off.  A toast to East Africa!
  7. Social Networks, getting it all wrong/right
    Yes, yes we are all on Facebook…or so we think. I will re-iterate what I have mentioned several times before; we need to stop getting carried away by the proliferation of Social Networks, and instead embrace what this tells us about the Social Nature of the local market. If the trends in social media locally are anything to go by, we love gossip, we love controversy and God knows anything that triggers the creative in us will cause us to go on a rampage. Marketers should keep this in mind in 2011 if we are to see corporate successes in this area.

Well, those were my best Moments from 2010. What was yours? Feel free to share below 🙂 See you in 2011!!

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