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A couple of weeks back I couldn’t stop blabbering about how twitter had helped me attend an expensive conference for free, without the boredom and awkward moments when you really need to use the washrooms but can’t because you just did it a few minutes before and are damn sure someone is keeping count. A friend of mine, after suffering my droning on and on about this Twitter thing, stopped me on my tracks and asked, ‘What exactly is twitter?’ Continue reading ‘THIS TWITTER THING: THE IDIOT’S GUIDE’


The recent events in Iran following the highly disputed elections have been widely covered by the media all over the world. This has led to widespread indignation from across the globe at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whose Government has embarked on a fatal crackdown on Iranians, despite him winning by almost two thirds of the vote. In spite of this, Iranians have not backed down from fighting for their democratic and civic rights and have taken to the streets vehemently demonstrating against this despot and his Government. Continue reading ‘THE INTERNET : AN AGENT OF FREEDOM’

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