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The traditional business sales formula is quite simple and even pleasant to read:

Good Product + Good Advertising = Good Sales.

Years have gone by and this formula has been transformed by ever changing business forces to a myriad other formulas. I really can’t tell what the universal agreed upon working formula now is, thanks to a zillion business books all preaching different ‘guaranteed-to-work’ business practices.

I’m not much of a business genius myself, but I like the formula below more than most:

Good Product + Good branding strategy + Positive product and corporate publicity = Good Sales. Continue reading ‘WHO NEEDS A CORPORATE BLOG?’


Yes, finally someone has come up with a working formula!!

We marvel each passing day at how the likes of Facebook and Twitter are taking the world by storm, topping popular news channels and generating more online conversations about them than the user profiles they are supposed to be promoting, while earning their founders billions in the process from online advertisements.

The ever lingering question on most ambitious minds is this; ‘how can I create a comparable local success story?’ I believe it is possible, and I also believe that it will happen really soon. I however also bear strong feelings that most of our local pioneers are going about this the wrong way, and if we don’t watch out, the Forbes list might just take longer to come our way. Continue reading ‘HOW TO BEAT FACEBOOK (PART 1)’


You have finally decided its time to take your business online. You have taken the decisive step of purchasing a domain name and securing hosting space for your new website. Congratulations!

But hold on, you don’t have a website yet. A former colleague of yours has recommended this web developer who did one or two things for her a while back. He promises you a great website, asks for a very pocket friendly payment and tells you the website should be live in a week or so given your requirements.

So far so good.

Well, in the mean time, why not put an ‘Under Construction’ page with your logo and contact details, you know, just in case someone cares to visit your domain. So the web developer hurriedly does a page for you and up it goes. You have now began your journey into Cyberworld. You can’t wait reap the fruits of this highly acclaimed resource that is your company website. Continue reading ‘WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION – LOSING CUSTOMERS’


I recently posted on Intervangelist about Ushahidi, the crowdsourcing website that grew from a simple Kenyan post-election-violence inspired project to an international success. Despite being a not-for-profit entity, it still gave us a very good lesson on Building first, then money later. Well, in comes Twitter. Continue reading ‘GOOGLE, FACEBOOK…AND NOW TWITTER!!’

My 5 minutes with Aly Khan Satchu

He is the author of the highly authoritative book ‘Anyone can be Rich’. He once controlled funds for clients to the tune of $2 billion. He then controlled a bank that had a balance sheet worth over $17 billion. He understands Futures, Options, Repos, Bills and Bonds, Basis trading and all other strange investment vocabularies that I’m still trying to fathom. He manages his own stocks in the NSE, USE and other African Stock markets… Continue reading ‘My 5 minutes with Aly Khan Satchu’


If you scour the web frequently or work in online marketing circles, you have probably come across the name Dan Schawbel. Well if you haven’t, here is a sneak preview. Dan is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009) which made the Amazon top 100 best business book sellers when it came out. Dan has over 800,000 results for his name on google. Continue reading ‘THE BRAND THAT IS ‘YOU’!’


A couple of weeks back I couldn’t stop blabbering about how twitter had helped me attend an expensive conference for free, without the boredom and awkward moments when you really need to use the washrooms but can’t because you just did it a few minutes before and are damn sure someone is keeping count. A friend of mine, after suffering my droning on and on about this Twitter thing, stopped me on my tracks and asked, ‘What exactly is twitter?’ Continue reading ‘THIS TWITTER THING: THE IDIOT’S GUIDE’

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