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What it takes to be Web 2.0

I recently attended an e-Marketing training with Dolphins Consultants, where attendants were being trained on implementing strategies that guarantee online success. The maze of technical jargon had many of the attendants requesting for frequent breaks, but in the end, they went back to their companies armed and ready.

A brief practical session at the end where some of the websites were being criticized revealed a disturbing statistic. Most websites still employ designs from when websites were nothing more than a URL on the company letterhead. Several badly designed pages filled with thousands of words in corporate speak and boring graphics. The Techies call it Web 1.0.

So what does it take to have a Web 2.0 website? Continue reading ‘What it takes to be Web 2.0’


How well does your website rank on Google? Have you noticed a surprising decline in your ranking? No longer on Page one, or now users have to scroll to see your website?

Search Engines change their algorithms all the time and what might have worked last week might not cut it anymore this week. The age of meta keywords is gone as Engines become more intelligent, thanks to the ever rampant competition. Continue reading ‘SEARCH ENGINES GOING PERSONAL, ARE YOU?’


In recent times, I have spent the better part of my professional time helping budding interpreneurs to transform their business ideas into profitable internet businesses. Some are already on the road and thus my role is to help them steer the boat in the right direction (at least in my professional opinion), and some are still ideas in their originator’s minds.

The one question I always ask my wonderful clients is this; which is the money maker on this website?

The money maker is what techies like to call the Landing page. Continue reading ‘YOUR WEBSITE’S MONEY MAKER: THE LANDING PAGE’


This is the part where i put a disclaimer. I put my skills to action in this stable in exchange for a monthly retainer so my views are bound to be very subjective. Any ‘kiss ass’ comments should thus be excused as efforts at securing a raise.

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

The lady pictured on the side (the only article image in this blog so far) is Prital Patel. She is 37 years old and runs her own graphic design house named Creative Edge Ltd, which she founded in 1995 (do the math – she was only 22 then). Last year , Creative Edge was named one of the Top 100 SMEs in Kenya. This year, Prital has been named one of the Top 40 Women under 40 by the authoritative Business Daily.

What started as a design house (apparently with 1 designer and an MD who knew nothing about design), is now on its way to becoming a fully fledged Branding agency, set to play in the big leagues with the likes of Ogilvy Mathers and Lowe Scanad.

What does Prital consider to be the secret to success? (Your Pens and Papers out please) Continue reading ‘CREATIVE EDGE LTD – A BEACON OF HOPE FOR OTHER SMEs’


The traditional business sales formula is quite simple and even pleasant to read:

Good Product + Good Advertising = Good Sales.

Years have gone by and this formula has been transformed by ever changing business forces to a myriad other formulas. I really can’t tell what the universal agreed upon working formula now is, thanks to a zillion business books all preaching different ‘guaranteed-to-work’ business practices.

I’m not much of a business genius myself, but I like the formula below more than most:

Good Product + Good branding strategy + Positive product and corporate publicity = Good Sales. Continue reading ‘WHO NEEDS A CORPORATE BLOG?’

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