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This is the part where i put a disclaimer. I put my skills to action in this stable in exchange for a monthly retainer so my views are bound to be very subjective. Any ‘kiss ass’ comments should thus be excused as efforts at securing a raise.

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

Prital Patel - MD, Creative Edge

The lady pictured on the side (the only article image in this blog so far) is Prital Patel. She is 37 years old and runs her own graphic design house named Creative Edge Ltd, which she founded in 1995 (do the math – she was only 22 then). Last year , Creative Edge was named one of the Top 100 SMEs in Kenya. This year, Prital has been named one of the Top 40 Women under 40 by the authoritative Business Daily.

What started as a design house (apparently with 1 designer and an MD who knew nothing about design), is now on its way to becoming a fully fledged Branding agency, set to play in the big leagues with the likes of Ogilvy Mathers and Lowe Scanad.

What does Prital consider to be the secret to success? (Your Pens and Papers out please) Continue reading ‘CREATIVE EDGE LTD – A BEACON OF HOPE FOR OTHER SMEs’

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